Your Christmas promotion is not complete without a visit from the North Pole’s most famous resident

A PROMOWORKS Santa acts as an ambassador for your shopping centre to draw extensive crowds and provide that magical experience

Initial Santa training and regular refresher courses are provided for all PROMOWORKS Santas to ensure the highest possible standard is maintained. Our comprehensive training teaches the meaning of being Santa and the heavy responsibility placed on each and every Santa to ensure his role is carried out in true character with sp ecial attention paid to his understanding of current toy trends and wish lists to assist with those difficult questions from his little visitors

Apart from ensuring that every Santa is of good standing and has passed all suitable background checks, our Santa school prepares him for all the challenges of the festive season. He will be equipped to deal comfortably and confidently with children of all ages and backgrounds

PROMOWORKS Santas have starred at community events, walked the wards of children's hospitals and brought joy to millions of boys and girls across Australia

Ask us for a Santa for your next corporate function or Christmas party. A PROMOWORKS Santa truly brings to life the character of Santa Claus